My Book: DRAGON SECRET-Paragraph 1

Published on 5 June 2023 at 18:13

Below I am going to show you the second paragraph of the book that I am working on: Dragon Secret

"I am very disappointed in you Lacy!" said Mr Hardsugar.

This is now normal ever since Charlie. Charlie as in Charlotte. Charlie has been bullying me ever since the 'incident'. The 'incident' is when I accidentally tripped Charlie up in the cafeteria and she dropped her dinner. Ever since that day, she's been horrible. As an example as to what she did today was that she pinched me; then pinched herself for proof and then told a teacher that I pinched her. Ridiculous, I know. I don't know what happened; I said sorry like 50 times, and said that it was an accident. Mr Hardsugar has a very different opinion. Mr Hardsugar is 'the nicest teacher in the school' but ever since Charlie almost got me suspended, he's thought differently towards me.

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Richard Moore
a year ago

Great first paragraph, Lily!

a year ago

I’m hooked Lily and eagerly awaiting the next few chapters

Cecily Griggs
a year ago

Love the first paragraph. When is the next one coming out?!

a year ago

Thanks Richard Moore and Grandma. And Cecily Griggs, you can check out the second paragraph on my BLOGS page. :)

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