Tone Changing

Published on 7 June 2023 at 16:55

Going back to yesterday's post, let's have a look at tone changing.


In my last post I mentioned tone changing. Tone changing is when you change from one style of writing to another. For example, what I wrote yesterday, in the first paragraph the character is setting the scene. In the second paragraph, it switches immediately into dialogue. The thing about tone changing is that you have to use it at the right moment. A great way to use it would be:

I have to find out...

(next paragraph)

You may be wondering how LACY  got herself into this mess.

Switching from first person to third is a very impressive skill because (especially in this context) it MUST be used correctly. Otherwise, it would seem to the reader that you're out of your mind and that you may need to learn about English a bit more. :) 


Try it yourself! I'd love to check out your TONE CHANGING in the comments! :)


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